The Blackengorge Saga is a play-by-post roleplaying site using the Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition ruleset. It is set in a rediscovered land nearly half a millenia after it was thought lost to a horde of creatures, a time known as the “Great Retreat”. A small township has been settled on this mainland and a group of adventurers arrive to explore the lands.

The Word on the Street

We depart as ambassadors for The Islands, let us bring hope to those who thought their brothers lost, let us show the best of those who fled over sea, and let us keep our weapons at the ready for any man, goblin or beast who would try stop us bringing our brothers home.

Khalin Grundokri

Hold! The trained eye takes the first step. Is that not a saying in the rogues’ guild, Zero? I for one am staying right here until I am satisfied there is no risk of walking into something we might not like. That takes trained eyes and that means you are guarding the door, Tradden.

Kireth Majere

C’mon, you. Orders, you know. I don’t particularly want to go scout on up ahead either, but orders are orders. You know, secret orders. We don’t need to go far, just up the trail a bit — see what’s there, and then report back. Not long.

Tradden Aversward

As long as there are no wolves. Or goblins. Or kobolds, or spiders. Or ghouls or dragons. Or worse!

Zero Uhlit

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The Mouth of the Sleeper

Latest PostBattling at the summit of the white face adorned hill in the Coilwood, the heroes manage to overcome a force of orcs and the reappearance of strange black creatures. Exploring the domed chambers within they force open a secret door, and are besieged by a statue. Dusting themselves down they continue to explore further below and stumble upon a bloody figure. The eyeless figure seems to have more than thoughts in its head, spewing forth more black abominations but the heroes managed to overthrow them. Deciding to venture south, rather than risk the blade bridges they find to the east, the encounter a sprung trap, but the corpses of past victims appear to rise against them. After dispatching the hung victims and discovering parchment upon parchment, they return to the bridges and spring a trap, eventually overcoming a giant orb of a zombie with a missing eye. Navigating an eyeball contraption and descending further they arrive in what appears to be a ritual chamber, but with dead bodies strewn around. Examination of a strange bloodied cloth on a stone reveals more than what Khalin hopes for. As black abominations descend from a portal above the party battles valiantly, finally warding them off and destroying the portal.

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Full of Character

The Blackengorge Saga hosts several player characters all of which are fully detailed and brought to life here.

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Packed with storylines

Divided into books, chapters, and scenes, the Blackengorge Saga will have you coming back for more and for more.

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Bursting with locations

All of the major locations of the story are detailed in full along with a travel map to plot the characters’ historic progress.

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